Vinyl Records to Digital

Old Records Become Digital Memories

Records to CD

Those old LP records may have some great audio memories, but they don't do you much good in their vinyl state. We can convert your record albums to a digital format. Whether your records are in speeds of 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm, we can turn them into something you can still enjoy! Have your records converted to an Audio CD or as a file, such as MP3 or WAV.

All conversions are done here in our office. Whether you come into our office or mail us your order, the people you speak to (or email) will be the same people working on your records, so don't hesitate to ask questions. We do not send your records to another company. They are safe with us.

Before Audio Cleaning

First, we physically cleaning your records before capturing the audio. Then we "clean" the digital audio to remove and reduce the crackles and pops of old vinyl records. These cleaning procedures are done at no extra charge. Lastly, we output the new audio to your choice of an Audio CD or MP3/WAV file.

After Audio Cleaning

Song performed by Frankie Schenk and Orchestra.

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Will the conversion be in one long file or sections?
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MP3 or WAV files
Quick Tips about Audio Files
  • Audio files can hold hours of content in one file.
  • For recorded music, an individual file can be created for each song. This is dependent on gaps of silence between songs.
  • For live music, individual song files may not be as accurate due to crowd noise.
  • WAV files are higher quality and are recommended if you plan to edit your audio.

Audio CD
Quick Tips about Audio CDs
  • Audio CDs can only hold about 80 minutes.
  • For recorded music, CD tracks can be added if desired.
  • For voice recordings, we recommend a single track.
  • Audio CD files cannot be copied off and used. However, you can use software to rip the CD and create audio files.
  • CDs can be custom printed with your text and include a space-saving CD case.