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Preserve those audio memories!

Audio Tapes to CD

Don't let the effects of time wipe out the memories you thought were saved on audio cassettes and audio tape. Your family history, high school band or recorded statements are safe with us. We have converted thousands of tapes for insurance companies, law firms and individuals. All conversions are done here in our office, not shipped to another company.

Audio on tape, especially from years ago, can often use some improvement. We "clean" your audio. Using software, we remove and reduce the hiss and hum (which is common to most consumer audio tapes) to improve the quality of your final audio. There's no charge for audio cleaning.


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My cassette doesn't sound as good as I remember. Can you improve the quality?
I want audio files. Do I want MP3 or WAV?
My tape says it's 90 minutes. Will that fit on one CD?
How do I get the audio files?
Do you offer any other file types besides MP3 and WAV?
Can you get just the audio from a DVD or video tape?
Can you convert from microcassettes?
How about getting audio from a digital audio recorder?

MP3 or WAV files

Audio Files (MP3, WAV, others)

MP3 or WAV files offer some advantages. Audio cassettes typically had three lengths 60-minute, 90-minute and 120-minute (both sides total). For longer tapes, since an Audio CD will only hold 80 minutes, choosing to convert to an audio file eliminates the need for multiple discs. Also, for music, we can create individual MP3 files for each song. This is dependent on gaps of silence between songs. Live music will not create individual song files as well as recordings with silence between songs.


Audio CD

Audio CD

If you prefer an Audio CD, the CD can be made with or without individual audio tracks. Audio tracks allow you to skip through to find the section you want. For voice recordings, we recommend a single audio track. For music, we suggest individual tracks. The amount silence between songs will determine the tracks automatically. The maximum time an Audio CD will hold is just under 80 minutes, so longer tapes would have to be converted to two discs. CDs include a space-saving case and can be custom printed with your text, logo or any other important information.

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For fast turnaround of audio cassettes, microcassettes and most other audio sources to Audio CD or audio files like MP3, contact us. We'll meet your deadline. If you plan to ship your tapes to us, here are some helpful tips.

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