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Film Conversion of 8mm, 16mm to Digital

Movie Film Digitized to DVD, Blu-ray and Digital File

Those film memories from 40, 50, even 70 years ago, are at risk of being lost!

The MVP Difference:

  • All film transfer orders are done here. We do NOT send your priceless films across the country for some other company to convert. Click for Coupon
  • FREE basic color correction
  • NO setup charge
  • NO charge to edit out bad sections of film (details below)
  • NO charge for different size film reels
  • FREE background music
  • Custom menus and button links on Master DVDs
  • Custom printed disc faces
  • Lastly, the thing that makes MVP different is our personal attention. We understand how important your memories are to you. We are happy to help with special requests to protect and preserve your film.

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Time, storage conditions and the old projector you may use to play those reels of film, could damage or destroy years of memories.

Converting your old home movies is the best way to preserve them! Film conversion is a two-step process. We convert your film to digital video. From there we color-correct, add background music and even edit out bad footage to make it more enjoyable. Finally, we can output your digitized film to DVD, Blu-ray disc or a computer video file (MP4). Archive your film history before time takes its toll on your reels!

Film Calculator - Estimate Your Order

Just measure the diameter of your reels and enter the number of reels you have based on the size. Then select your master format below.

Film Reel Comparison

8mm / Super 8 film Qty Est. Minutes Line total
3" reels (50 feet) 0 $0.00
4" reels (100 feet) 0 $0.00
5" reels (200 feet) 0 $0.00
6" reels (300 feet) 0 $0.00
7" reels (400 feet) 0 $0.00
16mm film (silent) Qty Est. Minutes Line total
4" reels (100 feet) 0 $0.00
7" reels (400 feet) 0 $0.00
12" reels (1200 feet) 0 $0.00
16mm Sound film (optical) Qty Est. Minutes Line total
4" reels (100 feet) 0 $0.00
7" reels (400 feet) 0 $0.00
12" reels (1200 feet) 0 $0.00
Estimated Total Minutes   0
Master Format Required Qty Amount
0 $0.00

There is a $20 film minimum plus the cost of the master format. Estimated cost is based on all reels being completely full. Your total cost may be reduced by reels that are not full and bad film that is edited out. There may be additional charges for splices and backwards reels. Prices are based on a maximum of 120 minutes per master format. For MP4 files, you will need to supply a blank USB drive/hard drive or purchase one from us. Sound 8 film will be converted without sound. Sales tax not included.



DVD Duplications $8, quantity discounts for 2 or more
Blu-ray Duplications $15, quantity discounts for 2 or more
Add custom text to DVD and Blu-ray buttons $10 per menu (8 buttons on each menu)
Add titles to video $5 each
You can use this Film Conversion Form to help plan your film project.

Memories Preserved

EDMUND FITZGERALD - This footage from the early 1970s is of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. For those who don't know, the "Fitz" sank during a Lake Superior storm on November 10, 1975. All 29 of her crew were lost. The legend of the freighter was made famous by the 1976 hit song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS - Here are clips from two different Globetrotters films. The first film is of the Globetrotters performing on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in 1966 (color). The second clip is of the Globetrotter Magic Circle from a documentary about their trip to Europe (black and white).

PRESIDENT EISENHOWER - This film is of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in a motorcade. The film was shot near Lafayette, Indiana in 1962. It's amazing to see how close people were to the president. The person shooting the film appears to be within feet of him!