Memorial Slideshows

Life Tribute Memorial Video

Memories of a Loved One

A Life Tribute Memorial Video is designed to remember a loved one who has passed. Like a slideshow, these photo montage videos are often produced to play during the visitation, wake, funeral, or whenever family is gathered. Combining photographs of the loved one with their family and friends, along with soothing music and soft visual effects, we create a touching memorial video that will bring a smile to all who watch it.

We understand this is a difficult time. All you need to do is gather about 40 photos - that's it. We will do the rest. Life Tribute Memorial Videos can be as low as $108 and will be completed in time for the visitation or funeral service. We can also customize your video with additional photos, slides, poems, songs, or other items you might like to add.

Life Tribute

A standard Life Tribute Memorial Video includes:

  • Up to 40 photos
  • Music (ours or yours)
  • Photo Optimization (cropping, color correction)
  • Free digital touch-ups (for photos with folds or tears)
  • Opening and closing titles
  • Digital video file (MP4) or looping DVD / Blu-ray
  • 48-hour turnaround or less
  • Package price: $108
  • Rush orders available


You can also add:

  • Extra photos from a few to hundreds
  • Audio or video clips
  • Copies for family and friends

"Your professionalism, patience and skilled guidance throughout the decision making process of putting together the video was superb. Thanks for creating a priceless memory for our family."

- Deborah S.

5 Stars