Legal Deposition Video

Video Depositions

Professional, Quality, Confidential

Depositions require intensive attention to detail. When hiring a company to record your deposition, you are in essence choosing a new member of your legal team. MVP understands this and treats every job with confidentiality and professionalism.

For every deposition, we provide four microphones. There are lavaliere microphones for the deponent, deposing attorney and opposing attorney. An omnidirectional table microphone is also provided to record the court reporter, videographer or others present. Depositions are recorded to DVD for maximum convenience and compatibility. Separate digital audio recordings are also available to assist the attorneys or court reporter.

For your deposition, MVP can provide:
  • Four microphones
  • Date/Time Stamp recording
  • DVD recording on-site
  • Backup digital video recording
  • Digital audio recording
  • Backdrop behind deponent
  • Written event log
  • Video file encoding

Video Legal Depositions
We also provide video for:
  • Mock trials/depositions
  • Medical statements
  • Will signing ceremonies
  • Day-in-the-life documentaries