Home Inventory Video

Home Inventory Video

Inventories of your home and possessions

Every home has valuable items. Some items are valuable because of what they cost, or what they are worth today. Other items hold great sentimental value. In either case, video of your home or business inventory can be a great way to document the things that are important to you. If an unfortunate event such as fire, flood, theft or natural disaster ever touches your life, having a record of your possessions would be of great assistance.

MVP will come to your location and capture video of all the items you want to document. We will place a wireless microphone on you and allow you to "guide" the videographer as we record your furniture, electronics, artwork, and collections. It's also important to get video of everyday items such as clothes, linens, and dishware. Though these items may not be expensive, a video documenting their existence could be beneficial for insurance purposes.

Inventory video can also be used to share your possessions. Some people use this video to assist with their will. Allowing family members to view and note which items they prefer which can help resolve disagreements about valuables after a loved one has passed.

We also provide video for:
  • Video Depositions
  • Mock trials/depositions
  • Medical statements
  • Will signing ceremonies
  • Day-in-the-life documentaries