Will Signing Ceremony

Will Signing Ceremony Video

Protecting the wishes of the testator

Having the signing of a will on video can be an important factor in determining validity. In this age of technology, a simple signed document is not as ironclad as it used to be. A video can show the testator reading (or being read) their will aloud, showing understanding of its contents and then signing the will in the presence of witnesses. The video recording removes doubt about the authenticity and testator intent in regard to their last will and testament.

Most courts in the U.S. are in agreement as to what this evidence must show:

  1. The testator must understand that a will being executed.
  2. The testator must understand the effects of a will.
  3. The testator must understand the nature and extent of the property described.
  4. The testator must be able to appreciate the above elements in relation to each other and form an orderly desire as to the disposition of property.


The Will Execution Ceremony Video also gives the testator an opportunity to express their feelings and reasoning behind the decisions made as to the distribution of assets.

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