Downloading Your Files from a Dropbox link.
Here's what to do:

Downloading your files is very important. You cannot rely on links to last forever, so it is critical that you download and save your files to your computer. These step-by-step instructions will aid you in downloading your files to save them long term. We recommend using a computer for easier storage and organization, though you can use your phone or tablet.

  1. Click the Dropbox link (that is usually sent via email).

  2. It will open your browser to a private page on Dropbox. You will see picons of the files on that page. They may be video, audio, image or other files.
  3. Dropbox One Folder

  4. If you have different kinds of media, they will be grouped into folders like this. You can click on any folder to see all the files in that folder.
  5. Dropbox Multiple Folders

  6. You can change the view from Grid, Large Grid, List, and Large List using the option button on the top right.
  7. Dropbox Change View

  8. You do NOT need a Dropbox account or need to sign up for one. Click the Download button above the picons.
  9. Download Button

  10. Dropbox will combine all your files into one “zip” folder and save it to your Download folder (or any folder you choose). Downloading times will vary depending on your connection speed and size of all your files. Once downloaded, you can go to the zipped folder on your computer. Right-click and choose "Extract All" in Windows to have the files "unzipped" so you can access them individually. The process is similar for a Mac.
  11. Unzipping or Extracting Files

  12. If zipping and unzipping is too complicated, you can always download each file separately. On your desktop computer, simply hover over the icon of the first file and a download arrow will appear. Click the arrow and downloading will start. You will need to repeat the process for each file. On phones, the process will vary slightly.
  13. Download Individually

IMPORTANT: The Dropbox link is only valid for six months. Be sure you BACK UP YOUR FILES to another storage device (hard drive, cloud). If you have any concerns with downloading your files from Video MVP, please contact us.