Video and Audio Editing, Done In-House!

We can take your footage and edit it to your specifications. We have edited hundreds of different types of projects. From family to business to documentary, we will work within your budget to get you the video you want.

  • Weddings
  • Family gatherings
  • Presentations
  • Fundraisers
  • Band demos
  • Histories
  • Public awareness
  • Product demos
  • Music CDs
Video and Audio Editing

I wanted to create a short video for my boss' retirement party letting him know how much he'd be missed. I'd never attempted something like this before and Craig and his team were super helpful, professional and made it so easy for me and it turned out great. They were professional and the video was a success and I was so grateful for their help. Would highly recommend them if you need a video made.

Lisa V. - Whiteland, IN   

How Editing Works


Footage / Organization

We can edit from nearly any video, audio or digital source. If you have video on tape, disc, or phone; or audio camera or computer; we can combine your footage to create the video project or presentation you need. It starts with organization. Go through your media and decide the order you want things to appear. You can use this Video Editing Log, to help you organize your clips and media. Once you're ready, send us your media and notes. Editing is charged by the hour, so the better you plan, the faster editing will go.



Next, we will follow your notes to edit your project just as you need it. We will be happy to make creative decisions for you, or you can guide us on what you have envisioned. Editing can include effects, music, text graphics (titles), animated backgrounds, voice-over and more. We'll stay in contact with any questions along the way. Be sure to let us know any deadline you may have. You can proof the video with an optional online preview before the final edited video or audio is produced. We will be here to help you every step of the way.


Final Product

The final step is to choose the format for your project. For video, that can be a video file (like MP4), DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. For audio, it can be a file (like WAV or MP3) or an Audio CD. If you plan to make multiple copies of your video discs, you may want to consider mastering your video to include navigation with menus and buttons. This gives your video a professional feel. More info can be found at DVD & Blu-ray Mastering. For Audio CDs, we can also master your disc to include metadata with artist and songs titles.

Editing FAQs

Our editors are skilled in various Adobe platforms and will happily assist in editing anything you have in mind. Whether you have a live event, wedding, performance, commercial, or presentation; you provide the vision, and we'll do the leg work.

It's best to start with an outline of your project. If you have multiple files/discs, you may want to use this Video Editing Log to help you organize your clips. Once you have that and your materials, feel free to contact us. We can discuss your project in-person, by phone, or email. We'll work with your materials and outline/script, and contact you with questions. Depending on the project, we may even be able to send a preview before final exports.

Unfortunately, no. We strive to keep a healthy work environment and reduce the amount of traffic in our work spaces. Also, to ensure the privacy for other clients and their media, work area access is restricted to employees. But don't worry! As long as you have good notes and are able to describe your vision, our editors got your back!

Every project is different, but generally we charge by the hour. The more organized you are, the quicker we can work. Feel free to reach out with any questions ahead of time and we'll do our best to provide an estimate or work within your budget.

We can either provide your project back via a cloud link, on DVD/CD, Blu-ray, or USB (depending on format). It's your choice, and we're happy to make multiples of different formats if you need them.

Yes. Just send us your file via a file sharing service and we can create the DCP for you. Be sure to include the specifications they need like flat or scope, and any other requirements for the DCP file.

Possibly. We store editing projects on our systems for at least 30 days after pickup. Whether you order extras from us, or make duplicates yourself, BACK UP YOUR MEDIA as soon as you can. Feel free to ask us how if you're not sure!

Take my yourself hours of frustration trying to edit on your own, go to the Pros at Video MVP. I've had them do several projects for me and they have been nothing short of perfect. End product, communication, and customer service has always been on point.

Brian M. - Plainfield, IN