It's Showtime!

When the lights go up and everyone takes the stage, we've got you covered. Give yourself the peace of mind to know that all the work your staff and performers have put into this show will be captured on video. With Video MVP on site, our videographers will record every second of video, as well as high quality audio, and combine the two into a polished final product. We’re the team you can trust to preserve your live performance for years to come.

SAMPLE VIDEO - This promotional edit shows the various types of dance and performances we have produced.

Video MVP is a terrific partner to our small dance studio. They recorded our recital performances this year and it's the best video we've had. They were responsive and professional and we look forward to continue working together.

Ashley Sherman - Fortville, IN   

For decades, Video MVP has produced hundreds of performances in every venue imaginable. From simple one-camera school events to multiple camera dance competitions, Video MVP has been there to offer a professional video to all of the performers, parents, and guests. We go the extra steps to ensure quality audio from the house system, coordination with your staff, and your preferences of production styles. We are the video professionals who are here to serve you.

Are you looking for a custom production to fit your needs? Or maybe your studio would like to archive an upcoming performance? Whatever the case, we work hard to create a finished product that pleases everyone. Trust Video MVP to provide a video production that celebrates the talent and dedication of those who made it possible.

Samples of Performances

This sample video is from a two-camera production of a recital of Wishes Dance.

This dance is a sample from Indianapolis School of Ballet.

This sample clip is from Laura Hayden's School of Dance which includes the opening title graphic.

This clip is from a recital video from Volume Performance Center and shows individual act titles.

What We Offer

Our productions:

  • Single and multiple camera productions
  • Experienced videographers and professional cameras
  • Audio connections from house system (when available)
  • Consultation about video production style
  • Post-production editing
  • Senior videos and special edits
  • Cloud delivery of show video files
  • Act title and closing credits available
  • Fundraiser pricing available
  • USB, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs also available
  • Completion of videos in weeks not months

We have been with Video MVP for many years. They have always been professional and yet personal all at the same time. We appreciate all their work and their flexibility to accommodate. Thank you Video MVP!

Nicole L. - Indianapolis, IN   

Experienced Videographers

When it comes to capturing your performance on video, you want to make sure you're working with a videographer who has plenty of experience. That's where we come in! As experienced videographers, we've honed our skills and know exactly how to handle any challenges that might arise during the production process. We'll use professional equipment to ensure that your video is of the highest quality possible. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we'll capture your performance or dance recital in the best way possible, giving you a final video that you'll be proud to show off.

Performance Video

Quality Audio Recording

High-quality sound is crucial for recording a performance. We connect to the house audio system (as possible) to allow the music, microphones, tap mics, and other audio elements are clear and audible, capturing the energy and emotion of the dancers and audience reactions. We provide backup audio recordings just in case. With professional sound recording, the artistry and essence of the performance can be fully preserved and enjoyed.

Performance Video

Sharing Your Digital Video

Have you ever received digital files of performances before? If not, let me tell you, they can be awesome! Not only do they give performers a chance to review their work and promote their talent, but they also offer you, the audience, the convenience of watching from your cozy couch whenever you want. Plus, you can re-watch the performance as many times as you like, allowing you to fully soak up all the details and enjoy it to the max. Have an aunt in Texas who'd love to see Suzy's solo? You can email her the link and now she feels like she was right there. It's a win-win situation for everyone! That's why we prefer digital files as our main delivery method. It really is the future!

Performance Video

Performance Video FAQs

That depends on your overall vision for your show. Having a second camera allows us to get some closeups and pans during the performance, but we can get great coverage with just a single camera as well. Regardless of your choice, each act will be filmed in its entirety, so you won't miss a thing.

Good audio is one of our top priorities in any performance. We'll work closely with your house sound person to get a good mix of "house feed" and natural audio from the audience.

You name it. Dance recitals, musicals, ballets, bands, show choirs, comedians, magicians, orchestras, first communions, and graduations are just to name a few. Each show is unique and we've got 35+ years of experience to capture it best.

We'll custom quote your shows based on what you need. We'll even help you build in a "fundraiser" aspect if you'd like. We typically deliver the digital files via a downloadable link. We can also produce DVDs and Blu-rays, if that's something you need. However, digital files are the standard these days. You'll be amazed how good the video quality is compared to DVDs!

We work hard to deliver your finished video as soon as possible. The time of year and number of shows is a factor, but we're not going to keep you waiting months. Our goal is to complete shows within a few weeks. We know how anxious parents can be, so we'll do our best to keep everyone happy!

Absolutely! We've worked with studios who have multiple performances in a day and sometimes across many days. Travel around the state is no problem. Extended travel may cost extra, but just let us know where and when your shows are, and we'll give you an estimate for everything.

Awesome! Let's check your date and make sure we're available. Contact us! The more information you can provide, the better. We do tend to fill up on dates especially between April and June. So let us know as soon as you have a date, and we'll get you in our schedule!

Video MVP captures our Wishes Dancers memories with quality skill and quality people.

Kelley Richards - Fishers, IN   

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