Digitizing Books to Image Files, Done In-House!

Book Scanning to Digital

Book Scanning to Digital

  • Non-destructive (not torn apart)
  • 600ppi
  • Up to 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Color scans
  • Includes searchable PDF file (OCR = Optical Character Recognition)
  • 75¢ per page

Details: 50-page minimum per book. Scrapbooks, photo albums, and pages up to 12x12 inches have different rates. Other rates may vary. Cloud Delivery or USB drive extra.

We can scan your:

  • Books (hardcover and softcover)
  • Scrapbooks
  • Yearbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Journals
  • Textbooks
  • Manuals

Yearbook Scanning

We all have yearbooks from grade school, high school, and even college. However, are they protected from the effects of time? Are you able to share with classmates who no longer have theirs?

Scanning is the solution. We'll create a "digital yearbook" of your school yearbooks. Once digital, you'll be able to backup your yearbook like your photos and videos. Plus, you'll be able to share it with others.

Yearbook Digitizing

Scrapbooks to Digital

Whether they're old or new, we'll take your scrapbooks and make digital images. These are perfect to share one page, or easily replicate an entire album. You put a lot of care and love into your scrapbooks, so make sure you preserve them for years to come.

Worried about your 3D embellishments? It's totally fine! Your scan will include all those special details and trinkets. That's why we've been trusted by many families and organizations throughout Indiana to scan such precious mementos!

Scrapbook Scanning

Cookbook Digitizing

Think of all those family recipes you have. They may have been combined into a book years ago to make them easier to share. In the digital age though, that's not how people share or save. Have us convert your cookbook into a digital file. That will give you the ability to quickly search for every pie recipe with just a few clicks.

Grandma's torn up cookbook just got a tech upgrade. What a great gift idea to scan it, and digitally share with the whole family. It's okay if there's hand written notes taped inside. We'll capture everything so you don't miss a thing.

Cookbook Scanning

Book Scanning

The sky's the limit as far as what type of book we can scan. Maybe you have great grandma's old journal that you want to preserve for future generations to read. Maybe there's a family Bible with special annotations that's worth sharing.

Likewise, scanning instruction manuals and notebooks will make searching for keywords a lot simpler. Imagine turning old sheet music into a digital format for easier turning! Whatever your idea, we're here to help make it a reality.

Book Digitizing

Book Scanning FAQs

Yes. If you choose this option, we will cut off the binding of your book to allow each page to be scanned individually. This process allows for sharper images and better text recognition (OCR). Non-destructive scanning creates a good image, but flatbed scanning each page is better. You can still choose to have your books returned (as loose pages).

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Basically, when you take a photo of text in a book it becomes an image. You can't copy and paste the text because it is not recognized as text. OCR is software that "reads" the words and converts it to text. We provide a free PDF file for each book we scan for you. This gives you the ability to search a yearbook for the name "Gary" or find every reference to the word "apple" in a cookbook. The technology is only as accurate as the text will allow, so older or faded print, may not work as well.

Yes. We can create a PDF file which will include all the images from your book. This file can be used on any PC or Mac computer.

Yes, that's the beauty of the file. Unlike a scanned page which treats text as an image, your PDF file will be more like a text file, so you can search it for the area you need. Let's say you have us scan a book about your family tree. Once you have the PDF file, you can simply search for "Joseph" and you'll see all the times the name Joseph is mentioned. This makes research and reference much easier.

Yes. Though our normal scan of 600ppi is a high enough resolution for most purposes, we can scan at even higher resolutions. Note though, that this will make files larger and, depending on the material, you may not gain more detail.

Absolutely, send us what you have. Place your order and get packing tips for your media. When we receive it, we will give you an estimate and expected completion date. Need it done fast? Let us know your deadline and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.

Journal Digitizing

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