Surveillance Video Conversion & Editing

Today, cameras are everywhere. That can be good if you're a business owner, homeowner or if you have an accident.

Modern technology and security cameras have made capturing accidents and those individuals involved much easier and affordable than in days past. However, with so many different companies producing equipment and software, it's not always so easy to work with the video from these systems. Most systems will make a video file for the owner, but it can be difficult to get a file or disc that is compatible with the police, courts or insurance company. That's where we come in. Bring or send us your file or disc, and we can convert it to a format that works for everyone.

Surveillance Video Editing

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys did a magnificent job with editing a {surveillance} video for me. You made it so simple and cost-efficient. Thank you so much!

Carmen C.   

Confidentiality and discretion are assured for your video footage.

We can convert the various proprietary security video formats to a playable video file or DVD. Some of the more common formats include:

  • Intellex
  • iMedia
  • Polaris
  • Honeywell
  • Image Vault
  • Many others
  • File extensions can include: ARV, AVR, BIX, BOX, DVR, IMG, REM, XPA, XPV and many more

We can even research your video file to try to find the appropriate software for playback. You can have us edit the video to only include the sections that are relevant to your case, convert one camera angle or convert all the footage from all the cameras. Some clients like to have digital stills made from the video. Simply provide the timecode and we can export the still image.

Surveillance Editing and Conversion

Surveillance Video FAQs

Most likely yes. We can convert dozens of different video formats from surveillance camera systems and software.

No, sorry. We do not do any type of video enhancement.

No, that kind of technology would best be found with law enforcement professionals.