Get your video files burned to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

We author custom discs including simple autoplay DVDs and elaborate menu discs with color disc artwork. All work done in-house!

Independent video producers and home hobbyists create some amazing videos. Sometimes though, converting those videos to a different format can be a challenge. When you need it on a disc, that can be even more complicated. Let us help. We can take your video file (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.) and convert it to DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Options for your disc master:

  • Autoplay: Once inserted into a drive, the video will begin playing automatically.
  • Single Menu: When started, a menu will appear with buttons to allow options to play different video titles.
  • Multiple Menus: This option allows for multiple titles and menus, including chapters, bonus features, audio menus and more.

You can send us your video files with any file transfer service like Dropbox or Google Drive. We can also send you a link to upload your files directly to us. Let's say you have a 1080p video file, but you need it on Blu-ray, we can do it. Maybe it's just a home video clip but you need a DVD for the grandparents, you got it! If you're not sure what you need, just contact us, we'll be happy to help.

DVD Blu-ray Mastering

The first project I took to (Video MVP) was a very important one- the 100th Anniversary of my church. I had created a movie file which needed to be converted from its computer file into a DVD format, and then to burn 325 DVDs for everyone attending the 100th Anniversary Banquet and Celebration. They did a fantastic job with the DVDs. I have entrusted them with something precious- family memories and church memories. We have not been disappointed, but very, very delighted.

George T. - Indianapolis, IN   

Video Files to DVD and Blu-ray

Audio CD Mastering

We can also produce an Audio CD master from your music files. Anyone can burn files on a CD, but if you want to give your CD a professional look from the inside, you need a mastered CD.

In the mastering process, we can balance all the audio of your audio tracks for a more consistent level. We will also add metadata of the song tracks and song artists, even the album art if you have it. This is the information that displays on your computer or CD player when each track is played.

Once mastered, we can also duplicate your CD including adding color artwork to the disc face. For more information, read about CD Duplication.

Audio CD Mastering

Disc Mastering FAQs

Sure. You can send us your final video files via any file sharing service (like Dropbox), or we can send you a link to upload to us.

Usually. It depends on what the change is, but often we can make simple changes for you.

Yes, as long as your file is at least HD resolution. We will downconvert your video for the DVD which is SD quality.

Metadata is the internal information on a CD. When you play a CD in a computer or CD player, it will often display the song title, artist, and sometimes the album art. When we master your CD, we will add that data so your CD will look like other professional CDs.

I have used these guys numerous times and they consistently deliver on-time (or sooner!) and always with fantastic results. Would highly recommend!

Craig D. - Indianapolis, IN