Negatives Scanned to Image Files, Work Done In-House!

Negatives to Digital Files

Negatives Digitized to Files


  • 2400ppi scan
  • File naming based on groups (50+)
  • JPG files
  • 35mm only
  • 60¢ each

How would you like to receive your images?

  • USB Drive - $12 (includes all files) Most Popular
  • Cloud Delivery - $12
Delivery Options

Details: $10 minimum. Other negative sizes have different rates. We offer quick turnaround times and expedited orders are accepted when you need it fast.

Negatives Enhancement and Cleaninge

Image Cleaning and Enhancement (optional)


  • Cropping and rotation
  • Color correction
  • Red-eye removal
  • Light digital touch-up work
  • Additional 29¢ each

Other file formats and higher resolution scans available. For extensive damage, see Photo Restoration.

Video Slideshow from Negatives

Wow! I took 22 year-old negatives to them for digital scanning. After 3-4 business days they called me to let me know my images were ready. They said they were able to restore most of the color to the scans despite the negatives being in very poor condition. When I got home and looked at them I literally shed a tear...or two! These were priceless military photos of a deployment that could not be replaced. They did a MAGNIFICENT job restoring them back to how I remember them being taken in the moment. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing professional multi-media support. Thank you, a million times over!

Brian C.   

Image Enhancement Sample

Here is a sample of the image enhancement on a medium format negative.

You can use the slider to compare the image correction before and after. The level of improvement varies, but in general, the resulting digital image will look better than the original negative.

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Video MVP Difference

In-House Digitization

All work is done here in our office. Your negatives are NOT shipped to another company or another state.

Quality Resolutions

Standard 35mm negatives are digitized at 2400ppi and saved as an image file.

Custom File Names

We will name each image based on groups of at least 50. Just place the negatives in a zippered plastic bag and write a name on the outside (for example, 1974 Wedding).


We will rotate each image to its proper orientation.

Cropping (optional)

Each image will be cropped to a clean edge.

Color Correction (optional)

Each image will be color corrected to bring out the lost colors. We do this MANUALLY with EACH NEGATIVE. This is not an automated process.

Image Touch-ups (optional)

We also do some light touch-up work to remove defects in the image, like dust and light scratches.

Final Image Files

Each digital image will be saved to a JPG file. JPG files are very common with good quality and can be edited, posted, and shared. (other formats available)

Negatives FAQs

Each file will have an overall name and sequence number at the end. For example, "1979_201" or "Wedding_307". When a date is available, we will start each group with the year for easy reference like "1975_Anniversary_059". We can name your images based on your groups (50+ per group).

Try to avoid touching the flat surface of the negatives because this can leave fingerprints. Leave the negatives in strips, do not cut the negatives apart. Place the negatives in an envelope (or leave them in the original photo envelope if they are already in there). If you like, you can group your negatives by year or event. This will help us with naming your files (50+ per group).

Once scanning is complete (and optional image enhancement), your images are ready for delivery. You can choose USB drive or Cloud Delivery (or both). For the USB drive, we'll copy all the files to the drive and return it with your media. For Cloud Delivery, we will upload your image files to a secure location and email you a link so you can download them to your computer. This link is private and temporary, so be sure to save them to your personal storage.

Yes. Though our normal scan of 2400ppi is high enough resolution for most purposes, we can scan up to 9600ppi. Let us know your needs and we will guide you on the best one for your project.

Yes, we can. We offer basic and custom slideshows. Basic slideshows have dissolve transitions and background music. We also offer custom slideshows which are amazing! We combine your choice of music with video effects and transitions to create a memorable video on USB or DVD. Learn more about custom slideshow packages here.

Absolutely, just send us your negatives. Go to our Shipping Your Order page or just get an Images to Digital Order Form to include with your shipment. When we receive it, we will give you a price quote and an estimated completion date. Need it done fast? Let us know your deadline and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.

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Common Negative Formats

35mm Negatives

35mm Negatives

These are the most common type of consumer photographic negative. Often when people had film developed, the negatives were returned with the printed photos. Over the years, those paper photos may not have aged well, but if you still have the negatives, we can create a digital image from them.
Medium Format Negatives

Medium Format Negatives

Medium format negatvies can vary in size up to 2.25" by 3.5". Sometimes color, sometimes black and white, these negatives often are higher quality not only due to the size, but often due to the photographer, as these were common with professionals.
Disc Negatives

Disc Negatives

The disc negative was a quirky format introduced by Kodak back in the 1980s. These circular discs contain 15 small exposures arranged around the edge. While they might remind you of 3D Viewmaster disc, they're actually quite different. The image quality may not be as clear (due to their tiny size).
110 Negatives

110 Negatives

This type of film was by people in their pocket cameras back in the 70s and 80s. The film was really small - only about 13mm x 17mm - so the images it produced were also pretty small. This made it a bit tricky to work with when printing or scanning, but it was still a really popular option for amateur photographers.
126 Format Negatives

126 Negatives

This is a 126 negative, which is a type of photographic film that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It measures 28mm x 28mm and was used in cameras like the Kodak Instamatic. The film was easy to load and use, and produced square images that were larger than those produced by the smaller 110 film format.

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