Audio Tape Digitizing, Done In-House!

THE AUDIO CASSETTE: Remember the days when a cassette was the great new technology? Ask anyone from the 70s and 80s and they'll tell you it was the best way to record audio back then. People recorded special events, local bands, and just family conversations. Unfortunately, those tapes won't last forever. The effects of time can wipe out those memories. Get your audio tapes converted to digital, so you can preserve and share those moments with family and friends.

Audio Tapes to Digital

Audio Cassettes to Digital

1. Digitizing includes:

  • Audio cleaning to remove tape hiss
  • Choice of MP3 or WAV files
  • Custom file name(s) based on media
  • No minimum order
  • $17 per cassette

2. What would you like back?

  • USB Drive - $12 (includes all files) Most Popular
  • Cloud Delivery - $12 (includes all files)
  • CD - $7 each
Delivery Options

Details: Includes standard audio cassettes. Tapes over 80 minutes will require an additional CD due to format limits. Need it FAST? Expedited orders accepted.