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Just measure the diameter of your reels and enter the number of reels you have based on the size and format (silent or sound). Then select your delivery option to estimate the cost of your film transfer.

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SILENT 8mm, Super 8, 16mm Film
Qty Est. Feet
Our 1080p HD Conversions include Color Correction and Individual MP4 Files
3-inch reels (50 feet) 0
4-inch reels (100 feet) 0
5-inch reels (200 feet) 0
6-inch reels (300 feet) 0
7-inch reels (400 feet) 0
10-inch reels (800 feet) 0
12-inch reels (1200 feet) 0
SOUND Super 8, 16mm Film
Qty Est. Feet
Our 1080p HD Conversions include Sound Processing, Color Correction and Individual MP4 Files
3-inch reels (50 feet) 0
4-inch reels (100 feet) 0
7-inch reels (400 feet) 0
10-inch reels (800 feet) 0
12-inch reels (1200 feet) 0
Estimated Total Feet   0
Delivery Options   Amount

Details: Reels can contain more than the stated amount of film which may affect the final cost. There may be additional charges for film not on reels or unusual formats. Sales tax not included. 50-foot minimum order.

Looking for a lower-cost option? Contact us about our Budget Film Conversion option.

16mm FOOTBALL FILMS - This black and white footage of high school football films is from 1979.

Premium Film Conversion to Digital Files

Film Conversion Includes:

  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Frame-by-frame film conversion of SILENT 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm film
  • Color correction
  • No Charge Editing to remove bad sections of film (see details)
  • Individual MP4 video file for each reel (your reels are not spliced all together)
  • 50-foot minimum
  • 34¢ per foot

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What would you like back?

  • Cloud Delivery - $12    Recommended
  • USB Drive (3.0 speed) - $12
  • DVD (up to 120 minutes) - $25 ea
  • Blu-ray Disc (up to 120 minutes) - $50 ea

We convert Sound Film too!

Video MVP did an excellent job and completed the transfer very promptly. I had several reels of film without information about their content or when the films were made. Video MVP prepared a DVD of these to review and then placed the videos in the proper sequence with others. I would recommend them for anyone wanting to save important family memories.

Dave B.   

Video MVP Difference

In-House Digitization

All film digitization work is done here. We do NOT send your priceless films across the country for some other company to convert.

Frame-by-frame Conversions

Our frame-by-frame transfer process means no film flicker. There's no image area contact or sprocket damage.

HD 1080p Conversions

All our film conversions are full resolution HD 1080p. These files are much better quality than an SD conversion.

No Charge Editing

As part of our film digitization process, we go through and remove blank or completely overexposed scenes to make a more enjoyable video for you.

Color Correction

Our Premium Conversion film projects include free color correction. We go through your film looking for dark and off-color scenes. We'll apply video filters to improve the quality of your final video.

Any Size Reel

Your film reels are returned intact (not combined on larger reels). This helps you with identifying each reel based on notes that may be on your reels or boxes.

Final Video Options

For your final video, you have options! Choose from Video Files, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or any combination of them.

Personal Attention

We understand how important your film memories are to you. We are happy to help with special requests to protect and preserve your film.

These people are fabulous! I took around 35 OLD 8mm reels of film to have them digitized and put on a thumb drive. These reels were 50 plus years old and the final product was outstanding! It only took them a month to complete the work and I am extremely happy! I have a lot of old camcorder cassettes that need digitizing, so I will DEFINITELY be taking them to Video MVP! I HIGHLY recommend them for all of your video needs! Thank you Video MVP!

Allison K.   

Film Conversion FAQs

You have two options. When you choose the Premium Conversion for your film with video files, we will create a file for each of your film reels. The reels can be named with an overall name and then a sequence number, like "Davis Family 001". If you number your reels in order, you will have more organized files when complete.

The second option is custom file names. For example, reel 1 might be named "1968 Niagara Falls" and reel 2 might be "1972 Joe's 5th Birthday". Just type up your titles, listing them by reel number, and email it to us. We'll rename all your film files with your custom text at no charge. We also offer gathering the information from the notes on reels and boxes for the file names. There is an additional charge for this service.

Look at the film samples below. Notice that both film formats are the same width, but the 8mm reels have larger sprocket holes. 8mm film was an earlier technology than Super 8. So as you put your reels in order, most likely, the 8mm reels would be earlier in time.

To help determine the order, look for dates on the postmarks and film processing dates on the inside of the yellow boxes. Sometimes there are dates on the leader of the film. In general, larger reels tend to be earlier in time. When film was a new technology, people often took the time to splice the small reels together. As time went on, that became too time-consuming and many people stopped splicing their reels.

There are two options. You can choose a Cloud Delivery or USB thumb drive. For Cloud Delivery, we will upload your files to a secure location and email you a link so you can download them to your computer. This link is private and temporary, but you can share the link with whoever you like. Cloud Delivery is a good idea for large video files. If you prefer a USB drive, we will copy your files to the drive and return it along with your media.

Yes, we give your reels back to you. We also offer the option to hold your media for 30 days. Many people who ship orders to us like this option to reduce return shipping costs. This allows them to review their conversions and then after 30 days, we will dispose/recycle the media.

Yes, we will print your disc(s) with any title you like. Consider including a family name like "The Gibson Family Films" or "The Albertson Trip to Alaska." After all, the goal is to preserve these film memories for future generations.

Yes. You can get Tips on Shipping Your Order or just get a Film to Digital Order Form to include with your film reels. When we receive them, we will give you a price quote and an estimated completion date. Need it done fast? Let us know your deadline and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.

(Video) MVP did a great job converting our film reels from 1923-24 into usable files we can enjoy today! Thanks for your expediency, as we were excited to see what was on the reels! This is a priceless gift!

Susannah S.   

What kind of film do I have?


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16mm Silent Film

16mm Silent Film

16mm Sound Film

16mm Sound Film

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I cannot tell you how extremely happy we are with your service. I just watched our DVD last night and it was especially heartwarming and emotional to see so many family members who have since passed on. I cannot wait to show this to my brothers and mother. You have truly sent a special memory for us always and cannot be more grateful to have found your company to save these precious memories. Thank you again for your work and dedication in keeping the past in the present.

Erica W.   

Film Memories Preserved

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS - Here are clips from two different Globetrotters films. The first film is of the Globetrotters performing on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in 1966 (color). The second clip is of the Globetrotter Magic Circle from a documentary about their trip to Europe (black and white).

EVEL KNIEVEL - This short clip of the motorcycle daredevil is from the early 1980's. Famous for his ramp-to-ramp jumps and attempted Snake River Canyon jump, he also made personal appearances like in this Montana parade.

PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER - Though not great quality, this film is of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in a motorcade. The film was shot near Lafayette, Indiana in 1962. It's amazing to see how close people were to the president. The person shooting the film appears to be within feet of him!

PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON - Home film of The President arriving at Baer Field in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a rainy evening on October 20, 1970. President Nixon later went to a Republican political rally at the Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum.

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