High Quality Photo Scans, Done In-House!

Photos to Digital Files

Photos Digitized to Files


  • Up to 8x10 photos
  • 600ppi scan
  • File naming based on groups (50+)
  • JPG files
  • 40¢ each

How would you like to receive your images?

  • USB Drive - $12 (includes all files) Most Popular
  • Cloud Delivery - $12
Delivery Options

Details: $10 minimum. Other photo sizes have different rates. We offer quick turnaround times and expedited orders are accepted when you need it fast.

Photo Enhancement and Cleaning

Image Cleaning and Enhancement (optional)


  • Cropping and rotation
  • Color correction
  • Red-eye removal
  • Light digital touch-up work
  • Additional 29¢ each

Other file formats available and higher resolution scans available. For extensive damage, see Photo Restoration.

Video Slideshow from Photos

Excellent job and professional attitude. I was surprised they could improve the image quality of some of these old photos so much. I will use them again for digitizing a bunch of old slides I have from the years I lived overseas.

Larry N.   

Color Correction Sample

Here is a sample of the color correction results of a digitized paper photo.

You can use the slider to compare the color correction before and after. The level of improvement varies, but in general, the transferred digital image will look better than the original photo.

Photos to Digital FAQs

Be sure to remove your photos from frames, albums, folders and binders. Photos must be loose and placed in zippered plastic bags. You can put as many as you like in the bag, though there must be at least 50 photos in each group for custom group file naming.

Each file will have an overall name and sequence number at the end. For example, "1986_354" or "Kate_257". When a date is available, we will start each group with the year for easy reference like "1965_Anniversary_391". Just write the overall name for that group on the outside of the plastic bag. (50+ per group).

Yes. There are two options. One, we can scan the back of the photo. It will be numbered next to the face of the photo, so you'll see the front then back. The next option is for individual custom file names. We will name each photo with the information written on the back. A photo with "Grandma and Grandpa 1936" on the back would have the file name "1936_GrandmaAndGrandpa". This method allows all your photos to be sorted by date (when a date is available). Both these options are an additional charge. Contact us to discuss your photos and the best way to prepare them for scanning.

Standard scanning includes photos up to 8x10. However, we can scan photos, documents and prints that are much larger. Prices vary depending on actual size and item type.

Once scanning is complete (and optional image enhancement), your images are ready for delivery. You can choose USB drive or Cloud Delivery (or both). For the USB drive, we'll copy all the files to the drive and return it with your media. For Cloud Delivery, we will upload your image files to a secure location and email you a link so you can download them to your computer. This link is private and temporary, so be sure to save them to your personal storage.

Absolutely! We offer basic and custom slideshows. You can choose either. Our custom slideshows are amazing! We combine your choice of music and video effects to create a memorable video to celebrate any event. Learn more about custom slideshow packages here.

Yes. For orders over 2,500 photos, we offer a quantity discount. The rate will be custom quoted based on the number of photos you have, the sizes of the photos, and the desired completion date. Contact us to tell us more about your photos.

Absolutely, just send us your photos. Visit our Shipping Your Order page or just get an Images to Digital Order Form to include with your shipment. When we receive it, we will give you a price quote and an estimated completion date. Need it done fast? Let us know your deadline and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.

Video MVP Difference

In-House Digitization

All work is done here in our office. Whether you have ten or 10,000, your photos are scanned here in our office.

Quality Resolutions

Standard photos are digitized at 600ppi and saved as an image file.

Custom File Names

We will name each image based on groups of at least 50. Just place the photos in a zippered plastic bag and write a name on the outside (for example, 1975-1976).


We will rotate each image to its proper orientation.

Cropping (optional)

Each image will be cropped to remove the edges of the paper photo.

Color Correction (optional)

Each image will be color corrected to bring out the lost colors. We do this MANUALLY with EACH PHOTO. This is not an automated process.

Image Touch-ups (optional)

We also do some light touch-up work to remove defects in the image, like dust and light scratches.

Final Image Files

Each digital image will be saved to a JPG file. JPG files are very common with good quality and can be edited, posted, and shared. (other formats available)

Photo Digitizing

I want to thank you for quickly digitizing old family photos for me. The photos you digitized had been lost for many years and we were able to put them on his (father-in-law) large TV screen. He enjoyed sharing details of the family farm with his grandkids. Your extra effort was appreciated more than I can express.

Rachel B.   

Scanning of Large Prints and Oversized Photos

Oversized Photo Scanning

This photo from 1921 was nearly 3 feet long. We can digitize large photos as well as objects such as patches, awards, newspaper clippings and more. Oversized photos can be difficult to get scanned. We give large photos the same attention as we would a standard 4x6 photo.

We had some old photos scanned so we could share them with family members who couldn't have the originals. The color correction was so good that I'm glad we did it just for ourselves. This company does great work. Highly recommend!

Alex P.   

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