Document Scanning ... Done In-house with Care

Document Scanning to Files

  • Letters, cards, certificates, paper, and more
  • Flatbed scanned at 600ppi
  • Small, medium, and large documents
  • Color scans
  • JPG, PDF, and TIF files available

Details: Documents must be loose. Fragile documents may have an additional charge. Higher resolution scans available. Cloud Delivery or USB drive extra.

Letters and Pages


Save the handwriting

Letters can contain the most personal expressions from a time long ago. We've scanned pen pal letters from the last 40 years and love letters from a hundred years ago.



Diplomas, Achievements, Marriage Licenses

Official documents may not be easy to replace. Saving these important certificates in a digital format can be a safekeeping method but also allow them to be saved for those preserving family histories.

Newspapers and Clippings


Save Your History

Marriage announcements, sport stories, career highlights, and obituaries, are just some of the newspaper clippings people keep. Get them scanned to preserve.

I received the box of my vintage notes and the flash drive. You did such a great job. I am very excited to have all these beautiful notes digitized and sitting on my computer to read whenever I need an inspiration or just to feel some joy. These notes are from my children and six grandchildren and they span 30 years. So thank you so much.

Susan B. - Bellaire, TX   

Recipes and Recipe Cards


Share your favorite recipes

What good is a recipe if it is forgotten or lost to time? Digitize, preserve, and share your favorite recipes with family and friends. Let's eat!



Artwork from all ages

From childhood drawings to your favorite sketches from college, scanning them to digital files will preserve them.



Travel memories from around the globe

Not only do postcards preserve comments from family and friends, but they can capture a moment in time that may, or may not, still exist.

In-House Digitization

All scanning work is done here in our office. We scan each document individually and handle them with care.

Quality Scans and Resolutions

We offer flatbed scanning (no page scanners) for your documents and papers. Our scans are at least 600ppi (higher resolutions available).


We will rotate each image to its proper orientation, even for programs and folded documents.

Document Touch-ups (optional)

We can also do some light touch-up work to remove defects in the image, like folds and spots.

Custom File Names

When your documents are grouped together with at least 50, we will name each group with a custom name and sequence number (College_001.jpg). We also offer individual custom files names.

Final Image Files

Each document can be saved as a JPG, PDF, or TIF file to suit your specific needs. Other image formats are also available.

Document Scanning FAQs

No. Our goal isn't to scan thousands of documents an hour. We carefully place your documents on a flatbed scanner to be scanned one at a time. This provides a better quality scan, and doesn't risk getting jammed or torn in an auto-feed scanner. This process definitely takes longer, but we think your memories are worth it.

In the normal scanning process, your digital image should look like the original. We also offer the option to improve contrast and remove blemishes to make your document even easier to read. Ask us about your project.

Usually not. We will get a better quality scan if staples are removed. However, there are some items that can't have the staples removed. Let us know about your document and we can assess it.

Standard documents are up to 8.5 x 11 inches. However, we can scan documents that are 12 x 17 inches and even larger. We can also scan poster boards and large prints.

Yes. Though our normal scan of 600ppi is a high enough resolution for most purposes, we can scan at even higher resolutions. Note though, that this will make files larger and, depending on the material, you may not gain more detail.

Sure you can. Place your order and get packing tips for your documents. When we receive it, we will give you an estimate and expected completion date. Need it done fast? Let us know your deadline and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.

Yes, we give your documents back to you. We also offer the option to hold your media for 30 days. Many people who ship orders to us like this option to reduce return shipping costs. This allows them to review their conversions and then after 30 days, we will dispose/recycle the media.

It’s wonderful knowing that you can preserve older memories for future generations. Very happy I found Video MVP.

Donna W. - Whitestown, IN   

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